At Park View Fitness we use Tansun sun showers. Tansun are the world leaders in tanning systems.

  • The Egyptians worshipped the life-giving power of the sun god Ra, the ancient Greek physician Hypocrates specified the sun as a viable medical remedy and even assessed the quality of life in ancient Greek cities.

  • Clearly, sunbathing is not a recent invention or a passing trend.


  • Tanning is the skin's natural reaction to exposure to sunlight and can offer health benefits and a feeling of general well being.


  • The use of tanning equipment enables us to bask in comfortable warmth and get a tan, regardless of the season.


  • Whether you are looking for the best in vertical tanning or lie down sunbeds, Castle Fitness can solve all your tanning needs.


  • Why not treat yourself to a course of sun shower sessions now?


  • £5 for 6 minutes

  • £25 for 10 x 6 minutes

  • £35 for 10 x 9 minutes

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